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Wedding photographers and brides both rave that personalized wedding hangers from Bellicimo Hangers are an excellent way to make your wedding gown truly outstanding. Imagine your beautiful wedding dress hanging from these. Your new last name will be proudly displayed. It’s a great way to add that little something special to your wedding photos.

So before you walk down the aisle and say “I Do,” make sure to give your dress the special treatment it deserves too ♥

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I am new to this personalized hanger but once I see the product, I am truly mesmerized. It is actually kind of cute and romantic to be able to customize your own hanger, complete with your name on it and your personal decoration preference. Not to mention that you can order a couple for you and your partner. The owner is really friendly and perceptive too, if you don’t really like the initial design, you just have to consult and she will tweak it here and there and make the final result as you’d like. It doesn’t take long to receive the product after ordering and the result was really nice and neat. All in all, personalized hanger is one interesting thing and Bellicimo might be your best bet 🙂

Clarissa Angelica

I got my first piece few months ago and i will start to review this product. So i told her how i wanted the piece to be, and she did like an “example” just to see if i would like it. when i saw the first example, i felt like i dont like it. So i tell her to do couple changes. And what a relief she did it until i was really okay with the design she made. It turns out as a great piece and i will def ask for another one from her for my wedding accessories

Aini Sanjaya