Bellicimo Hangers Owner and Crafter


Born in April 15, 1993.
Interested in crafts, business and travel.
Currently running an online business and more to come.
Love to make friends, escape to do something new and willing to take
Dig deep to know more.
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Thank you for visiting our blog. On this section is a bit about me. I want to share my stories and my hobby which is crafting that take me into whole new level I never expected before.

It was started with Y.O.Y.O (which means You’re Only Young Once).

Y.O.Y.O was created on April 2012 by my partner and I. We sold pretty much stuffs, such as iPad accessories, cases, stylus pen, and some gadget related things like Power Bank. All ideas came from my Partner, along with the funding. He helped me to buy items from China. He taught me how to manage a small business and gave me the chance to run all things by myself. I even joined a community of online shop owners in Indonesia and meet a lot of new friends. I am happy. And I think this is what I gonna do forever!

Just like any business, we might be at the phase which we felt like we should stop, because the thing we currently do is not making any profits for quite a time. Maybe it’s hard for others to start a new one, but Alhamdulillah my partner always support and told me that even the business was not went perfect, at least we learned something.

Then one day I came up with the idea to start making headbands for babies. We bought a lot of ribbons, pearls, and  other findings. The results was not quite like I expected. So I’ve managed to do something- I should make something ‘wow’ with those resources.  Then I made some flowers from ribbon and put it on a hanger. And I thought wow this is going to be something really great. An extra personal touch would be perfect, so I decided to make the ‘name’ from wire. That’s how Bellicimo Hangers started.

After some up and down, I am so grateful that I can create something, and give something to people.

Bellicimo has been featured on Smart Living MNC TV (March,2015) for Home & Living decoration Ideas, Bisnis.com Online News Portal for Entrepreneurship. And Bisnis Indonesia Daily for Startup Business. (January,2015)

I am planning to expand the business and openly welcome you guys who want to join! Let’s discuss and be an entrepreneur!
I do love to hear from you guys too! Feel free to share anything with me.

Thank you! Xx

Kind regards,

Yolanda Sylvia


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