“Every beautiful thing deserves embellishments, and so your hanger”

Embellishments by Bellicimo Hangers starts from IDR 10K – 45K

Embellishments by Bellicimo Hangers

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Usually manufacturing process take 3-14 workdays without any color additions.
For additional color request will take 8-15 days.
Rush order available upon request.


Bellicimo Hangers located in BSD Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia.
We use JNE as our shipping agent.
Check shipping fee based on your location directly on JNE site : www.jne.co.id
For packaging, we are highly aware to the safety for our products.
So please consider your shipping method (OKE/REG/YES) with the shipping fee.


  1. Contact Bellicimo Hangers’ staff:
  2. or Browse through our products on our online store:

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